Welcome to the Recruitment Page of Department of Environmental Planning  at SPA Bhopal

We take immense pleasure in inviting your organization to recruit our students of Master of Planning (Environmental Planning), Batch 2021-23, Department of Environmental Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (An Institute of National Importance, Ministry of Education, Government of India).

The course has provided our students with a broad understanding of developmental challenges faced by settlements of various scales and characteristics through the lens of ecosystems and their health. It brings analytical and problem-solving capabilities to the fore through an interdisciplinary approach with inputs coming from various disciplines such as sociology, environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental policy, geology and hydrology, to name a few.

Our students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills related to environmental planning, environmental economics, environmental monitoring, energy planning, resource reuse and recycling, environmental policies and legislation, geospatial and big data analysis, etc. Besides, our students are also equipped with the emerging digital trends, soft skills, and technological know-how, required to cater to the needs of the industry. They are well-trained to contribute as planners, development practitioners, and researchers in the field. 

Training Calendar 

The calendar for Industry Training remains same each year, being a part of the academic activities. 

Placement Calendar

The Placement Calendar is flexible. We endeavor to accommodate as per the Industry requirements.   

Industry members are encouraged to contact the Environmental Planning Department or T&P Cell to explore various possibilities for collaboration. 

To initiate the process of hiring for a resilient future, kindly reach out to us on 


Contact no.- +918349494007, +917805930613, +919834421314 

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